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We Are a COACHING Ministry


To see a world Empowered by Christian leadership, where followers affirm a confident future, and hope is the predominant force.


To champion the next generation of leaders through Christ-centered coaching.

Our Values: (VICTORY)

Value Relationships (Love)
Improve Continuously (Excellence)
Cultivate Community (Teamwork)
Treasure God’s Word (Priority)
Operate Effectively (Stewardship)
Rejoice Always (Perspective)
Yield to God’s Will (Trust)

What is the Difference Between Christ-Centered Coaching and Discipleship?

At Victory Ahead, we define Christ-Centered Coaching as a transformational and targeted process of guiding individuals towards achieving their personal, spiritual, and professional goals while keeping Christ at the center of the journey. As a result, this approach leads to positive change and growth that can be sustained over time, ensuring that the impact of the coaching journey endures far beyond its conclusion.

Through Christ-Centered Coaching, the coach helps individuals explore their aspirations, challenges, and potential while aligning their actions and decisions with biblical principles and values. Christ-centered coaching emphasizes active listening, powerful questioning, and strategic goal setting to empower individuals to grow spiritually, develop their talents, and make choices that reflect their faith. The coach serves as a supportive partner, offering guidance, accountability, and encouragement, all while fostering a deeper relationship with God and a greater understanding of one’s unique purpose in His plan.

Discipleship, on the other hand, is a broader and more encompassing concept rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. It involves the intentional process of helping individuals grow in their faith, understanding, and application of biblical truths. Discipleship is not limited to personal goals; it encompasses the transformation of the whole person, including their character, mindset, relationships, and actions.

Victory Ahead stands as a beacon of Christ-Centered Coaching—a ministry that starts with guiding individuals toward achieving their goals, often drawing them in, and then seamlessly transitions into the profound journey of discipleship. In essence, while many come to us initially for coaching, they ultimately find themselves not only reaching their aspirations but also becoming devoted disciples of Christ, walking a transformative path that touches every facet of their lives. Conversely, some individuals initially seek discipleship and spiritual growth, and through their engagement with our ministry, discover the benefits of coaching to help them achieve specific personal and professional goals. This two-way flow exemplifies the versatility and holistic nature of our approach.

James Oilar

Founder and Executive Director

Years ago, Dr. Billy Graham said: “A coach will impact more lives in a year than the average person will in a lifetime.” When most people hear the word “coach” they automatically think of sports. However, we at Victory Ahead believe that a “coach” is anyone leading another person in a highly efficient, high impact targeted process, resulting in positive change that can be sustained over time. Therefore “coach” is not limited to just the arena of sports but extends into the marketplace and other arenas of life. In another quote from Dr. Billy Graham, he said: “I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.” All of us at Victory Ahead have been profoundly impacted by a “coach” that gave us the capacity and confidence to advance in our personal, professional, public and private life and because our lives have been changed by coaching, it motivates us to provide life changing Christ-centered coaching for others.

Forging leadership development and discipleship to give you Victory Ahead

Cesar Farrera

Ministry Ambassador, Venezuela

Cesar Farrera’s life journey has been quite interesting. He grew up in Maracay, Venezuela, and later moved to Caracas where he graduated as an Industrial Engineer. After a brief stint in the Venezuelan army, he went to Barcelona, Spain, where he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Management and Organization. Upon returning home, he worked in the commercial and human resources departments of several major companies.

In 1996, Cesar began to explore his faith and started attending the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Since then, he has been on a long journey in the ways of the Lord that has been full of blessings. He is an active member of the First Baptist Church at Weston, FL USA. Alongside his work in the business development department of a manufacturer specializing in packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, Cesar also dedicates his time to know more about Jesus Christ.

We are thrilled to have Cesar on our Victory Ahead team to support the development of new churches in Latin America. His unique background and experiences make him an invaluable asset to our efforts.

Leadership Team

James Oilar, Founder and Executive Director
Victory Ahead

Mark King, President
Brightview Landscaping

Paul Dawson, Vice President
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Charlie Thomas, Treasurer
NorthStar Financial

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Jim Gregory, BGE, Inc.

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