Are you ready to become a Vessel of God’s love in championing the next generation of leaders?

At Victory Ahead, we believe that volunteering isn’t just about giving your time; it’s about becoming a vessel through which God’s love flows to those in need. Join our team and become a volunteer – not just to serve, but to be a vessel of hope, guidance, and inspiration for the next generation of leaders.

Get Involved

Whether you’re drawn to organizing events, providing mentorship and coaching, offering biblical counseling, fundraising, or serving as a Board Member, there’s a place for you with Victory Ahead.

79% of young professionals view
mentor-coaching as crucial for success.
Will you answer their call?

Become a Mentor-Coach

If you’re passionate about guiding and mentoring young business professionals, empowering them with timeless biblical wisdom and practical skills to thrive in today’s fast-paced marketplace, we wholeheartedly support you in that noble mission. Recognizing the immense value of merging professional expertise with spiritual guidance, we aim to shape the next generation of leaders who excel in their careers while remaining grounded in faith and integrity.


Join Our Team: Let’s Champion the Next Generation of Christian Leaders Together!

Become a Board Member

A Board Member plays a pivotal role as a dedicated volunteer, supporting the ministry through the impactful use of their influence in prayer, service, and financial contributions. As esteemed members of the Leadership Board, they serve as cornerstone figures, essential for both the stability of the ministry and its financial well-being.