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You Were Called to Lead, But Who’s Leading You?

We understand that in today’s climate it may be challenging to lead well…

We have a proven system to help leaders like you tap into your God-given abilities to effectively build relationships and lead others. What you need is an action plan that’s rich with insight and practical next steps.

Vital Signs

At the heart of effective coaching lies the crucial first step of assessing your current position. We utilize a range of Behavior Assessments and Instruments to accurately gauge your strengths, areas for growth, and unique qualities. By understanding your vital signs, we can tailor our coaching approach to empower you on your journey towards personal and professional development.

Everyone Needs a Coach

Now more than ever, Christian business leaders need coaching from other well trained Christ-Centered Leaders.


Join us live for an exclusive opportunity to experience Vault, our 10-lesson transformative Executive Coaching program for Young Professionals. Designed to propel leaders forward in their professional journey, Vault provides interactive sessions filled with essential competencies and skills necessary to lead authentically, foster meaningful relationships, and empower others to thrive.

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Master interpersonal dynamics and resolve conflicts adeptly.


Voltage is our customized action plan for spiritual and leadership development based on your top 3 strengths and challenges. It is designed for young professionals under the age of 35. It Includes a Leader/Manager Profile Instrument ($495 retail value), analysis and interpretation.  The profile instrument measures 25 attributes of winning and respected leaders to highlight both their critical strengths and their challenge areas, with recommendations for improvement. The focus of Voltage is to develop both foundational and advanced skills in the competencies of Self Leadership, Leadership Essentials, Getting Things Done, Leading Others, Composure, and Personal Values.

Our processes will illuminate how you think, react and make choices so that you can be more intentional and purposeful.

Get the voltage you need to advance your career and spiritual impact.

Empower Executive Aptitude: Exercise influence, orchestrate teams, and instill unwavering confidence.

Victory Leadership Academy

If you are an ascending leader who is looking for that next promotion or perhaps frustrated because you feel you should be further along in your career, then our High-Performance Leadership Academy is for you. Unlike other leadership development programs, this is not a didactic training program that will cause participants to tune out. Our academy is not a boring lecture format filled with fluff or pushing a bunch of leadership principles onto participants based on the latest best-selling book. Instead, our program is based on the best Christian practices of applied leadership development. It is focused on getting practical results, and on engaging high-potential managers and leaders the way they learn best.

Elevate Performance: Achieve peak productivity and surpass previous benchmarks.

Executive Coaching

At Victory Ahead, we understand now more than ever that Christian business leaders need objective guidance, a chance to vent, gain clarity, confidence, and adjust mindsets and strategies. Perhaps you need coaching on having a better strategic plan, leading change, engaging employees, resolving conflict, developing a better organizational culture, stress management, increasing your leadership presence or you are just simply going through a career transition. No matter the challenge, there is a solution, and we are here to serve.

Excel in Dynamic Work Environments: Flourish amidst shifting landscapes.

Career Transitions

Navigating a career transition can be a complex journey, but with Victory Ahead, you’re not alone. Recognizing that God is in control, we understand that each career change is unique, and our team of experienced coaches is here to guide you through the process. From assessing your strengths and values to creating a personalized roadmap, we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs. Our proven methods and one-on-one coaching sessions provide the support and insight necessary to navigate challenges, discover new opportunities, and confidently step into the next chapter of your career.

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