Ready to Transform Your Leadership Journey? How Can You Develop the Essential Disciplines, Behaviors, and Habits That Will Empower You to Lead Effectively?

 What You Will Gain From This Course?

Whether you’ve received feedback about career-hindering behaviors or seek to break free from detrimental habits, this course offers a transformative solution. If you’re aiming to enhance your performance, become a stronger leader, or cultivate discipline, focusing on a single impactful behavior can profoundly influence your career trajectory—whether it involves starting, amplifying, reducing, or completely halting specific actions.

This course is designed to empower you to choose a specific behavior and then guide you through a step-by-step process to transform it into a beneficial habit. By embracing this approach, you’ll not only enhance your effectiveness but also foster a more positive impact on your team members and colleagues, all while aligning with your organization’s values and culture.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Select Impactful Behaviors: Understand the significance of choosing a behavior that aligns with your leadership goals and contributes to your professional growth.
  • Create Lasting Habits: Learn a systematic process, integrating biblical wisdom, to turn chosen behaviors into sustainable habits, ensuring consistent and meaningful change.
  • Cultivate Positive Impact: Explore how your new habits can have a positive influence on your employees and colleagues, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment.
  • Recognize Cues and Triggers: Develop the ability to identify cues and triggers that prompt both desired and undesired behaviors, allowing you to respond thoughtfully in various situations.
  • Overcome Negative Self-Talk: Equip yourself with techniques to counter negative self-talk and self-doubt, enabling you to lead with confidence and authenticity.

Course Format:

Format: 3 One-on-One Online Sessions with Interspersed Assignments
Duration: 1 to 2 Months

Must have previously taken the CORE Leader or Leader/Manager Profile Assessment with One-on-One debrief of findings.