Challenged by Leading Up? Uncover Strategies for Navigating Relationships with Your Superiors.”

What You Will Gain From This Course?

Your relationship with your manager is more than just a dynamic; it’s your gateway to success. By mastering this essential skill, you become the architect of your own career trajectory while simultaneously uplifting your manager’s journey. Think of yourself as the guiding force, the personal success angel, ensuring alignment of goals, removing obstacles, and propelling both yourself and your manager towards collective triumph. This course offers you the tools to excel in understanding your manager’s needs, anticipating challenges, and proactively contributing to mutual growth.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Mastering the Four-Step Relationship Improvement Process: Learn a structured approach to enhance your relationship with your manager, fostering mutual understanding and respect.
  • Implementing Relationship Enhancements: Acquire actionable strategies to immediately improve interactions with your manager, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Understanding Personality Types and Behavioral Traits: Gain insights into diverse personalities, enabling effective communication and leadership in workplace interactions.
  • Applying Personality Insights in Workplace Dynamics: Leverage personality understanding to navigate workplace challenges, foster collaboration, and resolve conflicts.
  • Long-Term Relationship Development Skills: Develop skills for sustaining positive relationships, fostering trust, loyalty, and mutual growth.

Course Format:

Format: 3 One-on-One Online Sessions with Interspersed Assignments
Duration: 1 to 2 Months

It is strongly recommended to have previously taken the CORE Leader or Leader/Manager Profile Assessment with a one-on-one debrief of findings.