Ever Wondered How Perception Drives Leadership? Discover the Art of Harnessing Influence for Success.

What You Will Gain From This Course?

 Perceptions, leadership attitudes, our behaviors, speech, decisions, and how we carry ourselves as leaders all derive from our perceptions and attitudes. The most skilled leaders possess the ability to reframe limiting beliefs that may hinder others and to opt for effective perspectives in various situations.

Throughout this course, we’ll examine the role of limiting beliefs and their impact on our effectiveness, empowering you to identify and reframe beliefs for greater career success. We’ll delve into the intricacies of how perception intricately molds leadership styles, decisions, and relationships. Drawing inspiration from biblical principles of self-awareness and transformation, we’ll explore biases, nonverbal communication, and emotional cues, gaining insights into how others perceive us as leaders. With this new knowledge, you’ll become skilled at leveraging perceptions to build trust, inspire motivation, and contribute to the success of your organization, aligning your leadership approach with timeless truths and values.

 Key Learning Objectives

 Reframing Perspectives: Develop the ability to perceive situations from novel vantage points, allowing you to transition into new roles seamlessly, reduce effort and stress, and broaden your array of choices.

  • Understanding Cognitive Biases: Explore the intricacies of cognitive biases that often hinder progress and limit potential. Gain insights into recognizing and reframing these biases to enhance leadership efficacy.
  • Navigating Communication Nuances: Delve into the nuances of communication, including non-verbal cues and hidden messages, to establish an authentic and influential leadership image.
  • Managing Perceptions: Discover techniques to manage how you are perceived by others, aligning your leadership style with your intended impact on teams and organizations.

Course Format:

Format: 3 One-on-One Online Sessions with Interspersed Assignments
Duration: 1 to 2 Months

Must have previously taken the CORE Leader or Leader/Manager Profile Assessment with One-on-One debrief of findings