Treasure God’s Word (Priority)

June 22, 2023
  • Proverbs 2:1-6
  • Opening Question? Is your leadership anchored in timeless truths?

Imagine a few business leaders who have built a highly successful company from the ground up. Throughout their journey, they faced numerous challenges, made tough decisions, and persevered against all odds. Along the way, they developed a set of core values they treasured that guided their leadership style and the culture of their organization. What do you believe they treasured most?

Without giving any predetermined options, we asked incoming participants in our Victory Academy for Young Professionals what they treasured most as advancing leaders in their organization.  The results were predictable.

At the top of the list was innovation. Creative problem solving, fresh ideas, and staying ahead of the competition are crucial elements for the success of any organization. With innovation as a driving force, organizations can continually adapt, improve, and expand their programs and services to better serve their beneficiaries and create lasting change. Of course that can’t happen without top talent, which ranked second on the list of what advancing leaders treasure most.

Advancing Leaders understand that their people are the most valuable asset, They treasure talented individuals who bring diverse skills, perspectives, and expertise to the organization and they invest in hiring, developing, and retaining top talent. Among the top skills they search for is collaboration, which rounds out our top three.

Advancing leaders value collaboration and teamwork. They create an environment that fosters open communication, trust, and mutual respect. They understand that collective effort can lead to better outcomes and encourage collaboration among employees and teams.

While innovation, talent, and collaboration are valuable things to treasure, we believe that treasuring God’s Word should be the foundation of our pursuits as business professionals. The principles and teachings found within Scripture provide timeless wisdom, guiding us in making ethical decisions, fostering integrity, and cultivating a compassionate and collaborative work environment. By treasuring God’s Word, we acknowledge the significance of aligning our values and actions with a higher purpose, seeking wisdom and discernment beyond our own limited understanding. It reminds us to lead with humility, putting the needs of others before our own and embracing servant leadership as exemplified by Jesus Christ. Any advancing leader possessing the above-mentioned qualities will not only inspire and empower their team but also achieve amazing results.

To treasure something means to deeply value and cherish it. It implies that the object, idea, person, or quality holds a special and significant place of importance in one’s life or heart.

Here are three questions we ask our Victory Academy participants.

  1. How does my personal study and understanding of God’s Word impact my leadership decisions and actions?
  2. How can I ensure that the values and principles of God’s Word are integrated into the culture and practices of my organization?
  3. Do I prioritize regular reflection and meditation on Scripture to deepen my spiritual connection and align my leadership with God’s will?

Scripture reading:  Ecclesiastes 12:12


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